Investment Management

Investment Management

Simple. Low cost. Effective.


I believe in a plain vanilla investment strategy. My main objectives are to keep your actions consistent, your portfolio diversified, and your costs low. These are all things within your control. Conversely, you have zero control over the market. I don't risk my client's assets with activities like timing the market or chasing after the next super-stock.

Because I charge a separate fee for financial planning and use a relatively simple, passive approach to investment management, I keep my rates at about half what you would see from other advisors who charge an "all-in-one" fee based on assets under management.

Understanding Fees

Investment management fees can be broken down into three main components. Advisory fees, expenses ratios, and custodial charges.  Click below for explanations of each.

Advisory Fees

Expense Ratio

Custodial Charges


Complete a financial plan

Investment management is a secondary offering to comprehensive financial planning. Determining your lifelong financial goals first is the best way to determine your investment strategy.

Open & fund accounts

Your assets will be safeguarded by TD Ameritrade.  The account set up process is paperless, fast, and easy. Transferring assets is just as easy done either one time or systematically.


You'll stay up to date on your progress through quarterly performance reports, annual reviews with me, and your online financial planning portal gets updated daily to show how your overall plan is doing.

Fee Schedule

Assets Under Management

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